Equine Owners Insurance

Whether you show horses or ride for recreation, protecting the health and safety of your horse is critical. Hogendorp Insurance works with equine owners like you to address the risks associated with owning horses and offset the potential financial burdens of ownership. Our equine policies are flexible as to the size and scope of your operation and can always be tailored to meet your needs.

General Coverage Options


  • Riding Instruction
  • Boarding
  • Hay and Sleigh Rides
  • Carriage and Buggy Rides
  • Horse-Related Activities
  • Participation in Shows, Events and Exhibitions


  • Residences and Household Contents
  • Farm Products and Supplies
  • Barns
  • Tack
  • Hay and Grain
  • Residences and Household Contents
  • Farm Machinery

Insure Your Horse


Application for Equine Insurance

This is not a binder. No application will be considered if not fully completed and signed by the Insured.

(as it should appear on the policy)


*Deductible to apply on major medical, surgical and race horse surgical endorsements*
Coverage Requested *

Horse #1

(Sire and Dam if unnamed)

Horse #2

(Sire and Dam if unnamed)

Horse #3

(Sire and Dam if unnamed)
**Amounts other than purchase price are subject to Company acceptance. Please provide explanation of value.
1. Are you the sole owner of the horse(s)? *
4. (a) Is horse(s) on vaccination and worming program approved by a vet? *
(b) Has horse been vaccinated against West Nile Virus? *
6. For all Quarter Horses, Appaloosas or Paint horses, does any horse(s) have an ancestor known to carry HYPP? *
Note: H/H horses are not insurable
7. Are horse(s) presently insured? *
Previously insured? *
8. Has any company cancelled or refused to renew your coverage? *
9. Has any horse(s) owned by you died within the past 24 months (whether or not insured)? *

Declaration of Health:

At inception of the policy, all animals must be sound, healthy and have no known injury, illness, lameness or disease. Any pre-existing conditions are not covered, unless otherwise noted and agreed to by the Company.

1. (a) Does the horse(s) have any history of injury, illness, lameness or disease (including melanomas, sarcoids, warts or other types of growth)? *
(b) Does the horse(s) have any conformation issues that could affect its ability to be used for the intended use? *
(c) Any laminitis/founder, OCD, navicular disease, degenerative joint disease and/or neurologic disorders? *
(b) Does the horse(s) receive any medications/supplements? *
3. Has any horse(s) suffered from colic or any other gastro-intestinal related illness? *
5. (a) Has any horse(s) undergone surgery (other than castration), been fired, blistered or nerved? *
(b) Has the horse(s) undergone diagnostic ultrasound, x-rays or bone scans within in the last 24 months? *

Any person who knowingly and with intent to defraud any insurance company or other person, files an application for insurance or statement of claim containing any materially false information, or conceals, for the purpose of misleading, information concerning any fact material hereto, commits a fraudulent act, which is a crime and may subject such persons to criminal and civil penalties.

I declare to the best of my knowledge and belief that the horse(s) listed on the above application to be in normal healthy sound condition. I hereby certify that the above information is truthful and accurate. I understand that any fraudulent, omitted or misrepresented statement voids any policy of insurance issued on the basis of this application. I further understand that the insurer will rely on the information provided in this application, which will become part of any policy issued.

I understand and agree this is not a binder, but merely an application for insurance. I also understand that it is required under the policy to give immediate notice by telephone of any illness, injury, disease or death of any insured horse. Not doing so may jeopardize coverage and result in denial of any claim made.


Justification of Value Form


(if breeding, also state previous use)


Show Seller's and Performance Horses

Show Record

(it is preferable to attach a full official show record instead of completing below)
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Maximum upload size: 30.72MB

Show #1

Show #2

Show #3

Show #4

Show #5

Show #6


Training History (For training fees only. Do not include board, vet, farrier or other charges).

Do you have a Broodmare? *


For broodmare, in addition to the show record, list the following information for the last four foals:

Foal #1

Foal #2

Foal #3

Foal #4

Please attach any additional relevant information such as offspring performance records or complete produce records.
Drop a file here or click to upload Choose File
Maximum upload size: 30.72MB
Do you have a Stallion? *


For stallion, list last three years' stud fees, number of mares bred each year, and actual dollar amount of stud fee income collected from mares not owned by you:

*For stud fee income above, state the net income after any stud fee discounts and breeding operation expenses.
Has any of stallion's sperm been frozen? *
I hereby represent and certify that the above information and any information attached hereto is true and correct.