At Hogendorp Insurance, we are all about our clients. We’ll let them tell you why we’re different!

“I met C.R. about a year after I had a bad experience with my current insurance provider. A heavy load of snow had caused my indoor arena to collapse. While this was a devastating loss at the time I figured my current insurance provider would handle it. I had met with my provider five years prior when I was building my facility and discussed what everything was, and the costs associated. After the accident happened I submitted my claim and assumed it would be handled because I was insured. Unfortunately, my business was not properly covered by my policy and an indoor arena I’d spent over $100K to build just a year before was only worth $32K due to a policy that wasn’t correct or up to date.

After my experience I began my search for an Insurance provider who understood the types of coverage that my business needed to be completely insured. When C.R. came out he walked the entire property (I’d never had this before with the previous company). Being a Reiner, he knew all about my industry and spotted saddles of value, bits, and other items that are worth value in the horse world. He went over our normal feed costs and hay costs. He looked at the ground and explained how he could insure the ground and arena footing. He met with me and asked all the right questions to make sure he didn’t miss any part of what my company does. He combed through my current policy and came back to present his. The policy C.R. brought back brought tens of thousands of dollars of added value compared to my current policy, and it was literally a few dollars more than what I was currently paying. For a few dollars more C.R. put together a policy that meets ALL my farm’s needs and after meeting with C.R. I am better educated about my insurance policy and needs than I was the entire 20 years I was with my previous insurance company.

The customer service Hogendorp Insurance Advisors provides is next to none. C.R. found out I was upgrading my facility to include a whole new shed row barn. When he heard the news, he called me to see if I wanted to add it to the policy and had numbers ready on the call. I had a few occasions when I needed an agreement or something as a template, and he reached out to other clients, found what I needed and got their permission to share with me. That was great! When I talk about my farm we say Team Bar M, and we consider C.R. a part of Team Bar M. He helps support our efforts and takes care of our needs when we ask. I would certainly (and often do) recommend anyone to talk to C.R. and his team for all their insurance needs.”

-Matt Murphy

Bar M. Performance Horses


“My landscaping company is seasonal and I am always needing to add or delete coverage, vehicles, and equipment. Hogendorp Insurance Advisors understands my needs and handles any changes to my policy efficiently.”

TJ McKenna

Hidden Springs Landscape & Design

“Hogendorp Insurance Advisors are available to answer any questions I may have and efficiently review my multiple accounts to make sure my family is always fully covered. Choosing an Insurance company to fit all my needs was quite a hard task. This is why I chose Hogendorp Insurance Advisors. They work with my busy schedules as a full-time doctor and a single mother, to go above and beyond to accomplish all my insurance needs.”

Jessica Detrick

“I’m not just the owner of my business; I’m also the only employee. I don’t have time to worry about insurance. My agent consistently reviews my account to evaluate my changing risks and my customer service rep is always available to get me what I need when I need it.”

Edward Finney

O.K. Cattle

“I cannot speak highly enough of Hogendorp Insurance Advisors and the tremendous amount of money C.R. saved us on our Farm and Auto insurance! You owe it to yourself to call C.R. for all of your insurance needs…Home, Farm, Auto, Life, Boat, Commercial, etc., Have him do a comparison of your current coverage and I will bet that you will be surprised at the savings! Thank you C.R. for everything!”

Linda McKenna

Hidden Springs Landscape & Design

“We bought a house, we got married, and now all the best parts of our lives are protected by Hogendorp Insurance Advisors! It’s never fun to think about what may go wrong, but my husband and I knew it was important to prepare for our future and to do it A.S.A.P. Without knowing what we needed, or how to prioritize our purchase we reached out to an agent we trusted and had a proven track record of helping families and businesses. Both my husband and I are insured for our life and home insurance and can rest easy knowing our home and family are protected!”

Nikki Seamans

“Thank you for your professionalism and great service!! Your time and attention were much appreciated, and your prices were great!”

Jeff Popovich